What is Your Dream Job and Why?

This is a good one! I am already living out my dream job. If you would have asked me over 10 years ago if I ever thought I would be getting naked on the internet for cash I would have said “fuck yeah bitches.” Seriously though… I’ve been doing what I do for almost 10 years now and I absolutely love it. I have been through many changes in my online porn career. I started out as a pay to play camgirl in the yahoo chat rooms (seriously, I feel like a dinosaur saying that… you young camgirls have no idea of what I am talking about). I cammed exclusively for a year or so before I started venturing out into making clips and having a pay site. I kept going along doing vanilla style porn until I realized that I just don’t like vanilla porn…at all. I started dabbling in fetishes and I soon realized that I absolutely love fetishes. So that’s when I changed my direction from just being a hot chick with nudes to being a seriously hot twisted chick with a filthy mind and a love of fetishes and that’s what made me into what I am today. I love this job and I don’t ever see myself quitting. Yes I work insanely long hard hours, probably more than most people would ever dream about working, but I love it and it has made me the successful woman I am today.

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