What Happened to My Penis? : A Gender Transformation Story

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You wake up completely covered by a blanket. You realize something is different when you notice how long your hair has become. “What the fuck?”, you say as you run your hands through your hair. Now you are startled by the distinct feminine voice that came out of your mouth. You look at your small feminine hands and let out another “What the fuck?”. You slowly pull down your blanket to find that you now have breasts. You completely freak out seeing these massive breasts on your once masculine body.

You quickly get out of bed and notice that you are now in the body of a very pregnant woman. You are wearing the panties and hose. Then it strikes you that you are probably missing the most important part of you, your penis. You slip your hand down your panties for a quick check. You are REALLY freaking out! Your penis is gone and it has been replaced by a vagina! You slip out of the panties. You move toward the camera which will act as the ” mirror” that you are playing to. You attempt to look at your pussy, but you can’t see it because of your belly. You grab a hand mirror for a better view. You are really upset about missing your penis.

You start talking to yourself about your situation. What are the guys at the gym going to think? They’ll probably just think of me as another hot chick…a pregnant hot chick. Then become disgusted when you remember one of your gym buddies has a pregnancy fetish. Comment about your size change. How suddenly everything seems so much bigger to you. Flex your biceps. Try a couple power poses. Then get upset that all your gym work has been for nothing. Your six pack is totally gone. Stand sideways and try to suck in your belly to see if you can hide it. Feel up your new body. Check out your pussy with your fingers, check out your belly button and really check out your boobs.

You suddenly realize you really need to pee. You go to the bathroom and put the toilet lid up and start to pee like a man. After a few seconds of “fishing” for your penis, you realize that standing just doesn’t work now. You reluctantly sit to take a piss. You finish using the bathroom like a woman, much to your reluctancy and return to your room.

You realize that you need some help. You need to talk to your girlfriend. You wonder if she is even going to believe this crazy story! You talk to yourself trying to figure out what to say to her. You say things like: I hope she wants , because I’m definitely preggers. The is kicking like crazy. I bet I’m smaller than my girlfriend. She’s probably got 6 inches on me now. I wish her tits were as big as mine. I’m definitely curvier than her.

You realize you need to get dressed to leave to get her. Leave the hose on. You remember she left some clothes you could try to get into. First try to squeeze into to tight jeans. Try sucking in your belly a few times to get into them. Seeing as they don’t quite fit, try to cover up with a too tight button up shirt. Give up. Take them off. Try to get into the blue yoga pants. Lay on the bed to try to help get them on. As you struggle, you find your fingers going to your pussy. You start with some gentle stroking until you find your clit. Wow!!!! That’s a new sensation. Comment on the strange new feelings. Start to finger fuck yourself. Before you get too far into it, you realize something is happening. You feel as if you belly is swelling larger.To be continued…..

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