So today was good. Had to drive a couple of hours to go visit somebody who is about to have a total blood transfusion…. weird shit right? Anyways other than that I am just counting down the hours to Thanksgiving. I seriously cannot wait! I just can’t wait! I love it! I love this whole season and I love everything about it. I even bought some awesome festive smelly candles to start burning on Thanksgiving morning. I already put up my Christmas tree this previous weekend and I love that too!

I get to go to my sister’s house tomorrow for her Thanksgiving because she always does hers the day before since I do mine on Thanksgiving. I am going to be making my pies tomorrow and I am thinking about throwing a pumpkin cheesecake into the mix this year as well. I have never tried that before but I am thinking it would be really yummy. I love pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole…mmmmmm. I am also going to cook my ham tomorrow too because I can’t fit a bunch of sides and the turkey and the ham in the oven at once. Actually I might just put the ham in at around midnight tomorrow then wake up at 6 or 7 and take it out and then put the turkey in. I buy those huge juicy bone in hams so they take about 6-7 hours to cook depending on the weight and this is a 15 pound ham. The turkey is 10 pounds I think. I am not a huge fan of turkey and I wouldn’t make it at all if it wasn’t traditional.

So yep that’s what’s in store for my week. I am going to be a busy busy girl tomorrow…. I like to totally deep clean everything and look like a perfect little housewife on big holidays when everybody comes over even though this is far from the truth….lol. Well not that far but my house is certainly not clean all the time and I like for people to think that it is. I am also going to start camming again the week after Thanksgiving so you guys have something to look forwards to!

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