Too Pregnant and Fat for My Clothes!

Ever since I have gotten pregnant my body has exploded! I am so much thicker now than I was 4 months ago. My ass is huge, my belly is huge and my tits are huge! I have gotten so big that I cannot fit in to 90% of my wardrobe anymore. I have 3 pairs of my favorite jeans and a shirt that I used to wear and I am going to try them on and show you how hard it is for me to get dressed now! It is impossible for my thick pregnant body to fit into my clothes! I am getting too fat and my ass needs it’s own zipcode!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Watching fat preggo Kristi struggle to squeeze in to her pre pregnancy clothing. You love seeing pregnant Kristi’s big fat ass trying to squeeze in to too small jeans and shirts that are too tight. Kristi is gaining so much weight from being pregnant and this will definitely fulfill your fat fetish clip!

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