The Unbreakable Bond

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Sweetie… my favorite boyfriend in the whole world…. do you know how much I love you? I love you soooo much… more than anything and everything in the entire world. I love you so much I couldn’t possibly stand to be away from you for a single day… or a single moment! I want to be with you forever and eternity. I want to make it where nothing can ever seperate us… I want you to be a part of me… I want us to have an unbreakable bond… and eternal connection and there is only one way that I can make that happen.

You would do anything for me, right babe? You love me… just as much as I love you, right? Good… because I am going to need you to fully commit yourself to loving me. I need you to be able to do anything I ask you to do in order to prove your love for me. You want to be with me forever, right babe?

Oh babe, you’ve made me so happy. I just knew you loved me just as much as I love you… but you have to prove it to me. There is only one way to prove your devotion to me babe… only one way that we can truly be together for the rest of eternity. The only way this is possible is if….. you allow me to EAT you.

That’s right babe, I am going to eat you… swallow you whole… and let you truly become a part of me. Once you are inside of me we will be together forever. Nobody will ever be able to seperate us. We will have the most unbreakable bond…. we will truly become one. I love you so much babe… now come here, I am going to swallow you whole!

Ohhhhh babe…. I feel you… I feel you in my belly…. swelling my belly… making it so big…. so round…. so ……. pregnant! Oh look! Look at how big my belly is now with you inside me. Oh babe I love you so much for doing this for me. Now I can have you with me no matter what… and I just love the way it feels when you move around in there… it feels like you are giving me an internal belly massage! Nobody will ever seperate us now… we are truly one with each other.

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