The Smoking Executive

Kristi is a top executive for a cigarette company. She is very passionate about her job as she is a life long smoker. One day, a man shows up at the company for an interview about the smoking industry. Kristi is more than happy to indulge, after all, smoking is her passion!

The interview begins with Kristi lighting up a More 100. She takes a deep drag from her long brown cigarette. She talks for a bit before realizing that she forgot to offer her guest a smoke! She hands the pack to him and he declines as he is a non smoker.

Kristi almost cannot believe what she had heard. A non smoker? How can that be? Smoking is so delicious and she is the top executive for the best brand in the world! There has to be a mistake… perhaps, he just never got used to the smell of burning cigarettes.

She begins to blow smoke his way… and when she sees that isn’t working, she begins to slyly unbutton her blouse until her massive cleavage is showing. She continues to smoke sexily, luring the man with her smoky allure.

She describes to him all of the ways that she would personally make a man start smoking… and some of them are down right scandalous… will her plan work? Will she convert this man into a smoker with her sex appeal?

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