The Sexiest Tease and Denial Ever!

This is going to be the sexiest tease and denial video you have ever seen! I am wearing my tight white tank top with no bra and my sexy pink and black lace panties. I make you start stroking your cock for my perfect hot body. I tease you with my big DD titties making you jerk your dick ever faster for me yet I let you know that you can never ever have my sexy body. The best you will ever get is stroking your cock watching me on your computer screen. I continue to tease you to the max… eventually pulling my perfect perky tits out and sliding my thongs over to expose my pink Princess pussy all the while letting you know that I am too perfect for you and this is the best you will ever get. I let you continue to stroke your cock to ALL of my sexy Goddess body and I instruct you to bring yourself closer and closer to an orgasm before I decide to cut you off and make you stop stroking just seconds away from a massive orgasm. You will now have the worst case of blue balls you have ever had… you will be aching to release to my sexy body but you are not allowed to. Your blue balls will remind you of just how close you were….

Runtime: 11 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful sexy Princess Kristi gives you the sexiest tease and denial you have ever experienced with her big breasts in a white tank top with panties. You will be reminded that you are not worthy of receiving her Princess body, you can only pay for the right to jerk your cock to her Princess assets with a ruined orgasm in this sexy tease and denial clip!

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