The New Waitress “Training” Program

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Kristi is a manager of a restaurant. Her friend’s daughter is looking for a job so Kristi tells her to come apply at the restaurant. The girl shows up with her application and Kristi talks to her about being a waitress and what it involves.

She explains to the girl that waitressing is a very stressful job and that if she wants to be successful she will need to take frequent smoking breaks. The girls tells Kristi that she is a non smoker! Kristi is taken aback but quickly realizes that this girl needs to learn how to smoke or she will never be a successful waitress!

Kristi explains to the girl that she personally taught all of her staff to smoke and the proper way of doing it. She goes on to say that smoking is the only way the girl will make it long term as a waitress.

Kristi urges the girl to try her first cigarette right there in the office and the girl agrees… Kristi is excited to teach a new girl to smoke and she shows her the proper way of smoking. At the end, Kristi gives her a pack of cigarettes and a lighter to practice with at home.

She checks back in with the girl a few weeks later during one of the smoke breaks just to see how everything has been going and it has been going very well for her!

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