The Labor Date

Kristi is heavily pregnant and due any day now. As she is eating breakfast she receives an unexpected phone call from a guy she previously went on a date with. He is calling to ask her out on a second date! Kristi is so excited and instantly says yes and begins to get ready for the day…. but oh no! She starts having some intense painful contractions! She tries to ignore then and goes about getting ready for her date; she cleans up her house, takes a bath, gets dressed, and puts on her makeup but the contractions never stop! She is determined to go on this date even though her contractions are getting close together and so much more painful. The time is getting close for her date to pick her up and she is quite sure she is in labor! The contractions are back to back and she feels like she needs to push! She sits on the couch trying to stall her labor and much as possible but it just isn’t working… her baby is coming soon and so is her date!

…… To Be Continued

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