The Cum Cube

Hello loyal cum eaters. I have a special task for you. This video is going to take a week to prepare for… here are the instructions:

You are to cum once a day (or more if you want) into an ice cube tray. Each time you cum you will cum into the same cube so that at the end of 7 days you will have a tasty little frozen cum cube. Once you have your cum cube, you can watch this video.

I know you are an inspiring cum eater but you are still a total pussy, too. You never actually eat your cum because you wimp out at the end. That’s ok… that’s what my special cum cube will help you accomplish. You will suck on your cum cube throughout the duration of this video while you are being encourage to stroke your cock.

You will be receiving a small dose of your cum all throughout the video. Once you start stroking for my perfect princess body you will soon forget all about the cum you are slowly being fed. This will help desensitize your brain and will help you learn to love the taste of cum. Feeling the immense pleasure of touching your cock at my command along with slowly swallowing small amounts of your cum will help you being the cum eater you were destined to be!

And don’t worry, once I bring you to an amazing orgasm I will help you gobble up the fresh load too!

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