It’s Your Time to Become a Cuckold, Loser


Hey babe. I need to tell you something today. I am going to light up a cigarette and tell you how it’s going to be from now on. Honestly, I am sick and tired of our pathetic sex life and your unsatisfactory penis. You suck in bed and you suck at life and I am ready for something better so we are going to make a little arrangement. From now on I am going to go out and find cocks that satisfy me, mainly big black cocks, and you are going to do nothing about it. If you are good and don’t try to stop me I’ll even bring them back to the house and you can watch me fuck them…. deal? That’s right honey, you are going to be a cuckold from now on. Filmed in 1280×720 high definition!

 Runtime: 5:20 minutes.

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