Tap Out For Sis

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Hey brother! What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you keep putting trash comments on all of my booty posts?? I have a very nice bubble butt and you know it. See, look at it? Doesn’t it look incredible all oiled up like this?

You know it does… you know what? I think you’re just jealous that my butt looks so good that all of your friends want it. I want you to admit it to me. Tell me how awesome my bubble butt looks! Oh yes you will… I’m going to squeeze and slap your balls until you do! Awww yes… see, that wasn’t so hard was it?

I’m so sick of you not being appreciative of your sister’s sexy ass… I know what I am going to do to fix this problem. I want you to fuck me bro. Yes, you are going to fuck me real hard and good in doggystyle and you can watch my amazing ass the whole time. That will surely put an end to any doubts you had about how fabulous my ass is.

Mmmm…. oh yeah, deep in my pussy just like that. Shoot your load in there too brother, give your sister a creampie! Mmm, that was so good, wasn’t it? Oh, you’re not done yet! Nope, you are going to keep fucking me and keep giving me creampies until I tell you to stop. Go ahead and tap out brother… maybe I’ll go easy on you and stop at 4 creampies. I want you to “tap out” after each creampie, I better hear you tell me or I’m not going to stop!

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