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14 Week Pregnant Weigh In & Measure with JOI

I am 14 weeks pregnant and this is my second weigh in/measure video! I show off my growing bump and talk about my pregnancy a little before showing you how much my belly has grown with the tape measure! I get on the scale and show you my weight gain and yes, I did gain this week! After I am done with my measurements I tell you to pull out your cock because I know I got you horny showing you my gains. I give you incredibly sexy jerk off instructions while showing off my shaved pink pussy! I am going to drain those balls so good with my big bloated pregnant belly today!

Runtime: 11 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Pregnant Goddess Kristi shows off her 14 week bloated pregnant belly in sexy lingerie! Kristi measures her big belly and ass and weighs herself showing you how much weight she has gained since last week! Kristi knows your cock gets hard knowing how much weight she has gained so she gives you masturbation instructions to her perfect pregnant pussy and big pregnant belly in this sexy pregnant belly fetish weight gain video!

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13 Weeks Pregnant Measure & Weigh In Pregnancy Diary

I have a big announcement to make! I am so very pleased to announce that I am pregnant with my 4th baby! That’s right, this is my 4th pregnancy and I am due in 2016. The last time I was pregnant was back in 2012 so you are going to love being able to see my body grow week after week all the way up until I pop! This is my very last pregnancy so I do hope you will follow me through until the end!

In this video I talk about how my pregnancy has been thus far. I show off my big pregnant belly from different angles. I measure my belly, boobs and ass with my tape measure and I get on the scale and weigh myself showing you how much I currently weigh. This is my first weigh in/measure with this pregnancy so it’s going to be fun to see how much I grow/gain! I am already so huge for being this early in my pregnancy… I can’t wait to see

Runtime: 8 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Pregnant Princess Kristi makes a huge announcement that she is pregnant with #4! Kristi shows off her newly pregnant body and big bloated belly while measuing her belly and weighing herself. Kristi shares her growing measurements with you and shows you how much weight she has gained! You’ll love this pregnant weight gain fat clip!

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