The very horny giantess is once again having a great nap when she is woken up by a little man that has snuck into her house…. What are you doing here little man? Don’t you know it is very bad to wake a sleeping giantess?? Oh whatever am I going to do with you, little man? I suppose I should just eat you know and get it over with… What’s that? Pleasure me? I don’t think such a little man like you could ever pleasure such a huge beautiful giantess! Well… I suppose I could let you try. Get down there to that giantess pussy little man and let me see what you got!…. Mmmmm that does feel pretty good…. keep going little man…. lick and rub on my clit and make your giantess have a huge orgasm! Oooohh yes….mmmm…. oh that was so good! I am very surprised that you were able to do that little man! I didn’t think a little person like you could ever bring me to a giant orgasm like that! What? Let you go?? Ummm… no, I don’t think I am going to do that…. I know I said I would, little man, but how often does a beautiful giantess like myself get a chance to eat a little man? I just can’t pass up on the chance to have such a tasty little snack! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you company while your in my belly…. *GULP*

Runtime: 9 minutes.

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