Babe, what are you doing in here interrupting my phone calls? You are suppose to be doing the yard work! I’m going out with my… friends…. Yes I am wearing this. Is there a problem with what I am wearing? Ugh I am so sick of you questioning everything I do. I am tired of the constant scrutiny! It’s none of your business what I do, it never has been and it never will be. As a matter of fact, I am so sick of this, I am dumping you! I don’t want to be with you anymore and since I am dumping you this is the perfect time to clear my conscious. Babe, I’ve been cheating on you… a lot… with multiple guys since like the first day we ever hooked up. You are such a pathetic excuse of a lover I just couldn’t give up all of those big satisfying cocks. Oh and there is something else too… see, remember when we were trying to get pregnant and it didn’t happen for a long time then all of sudden I turned up pregnant? Yeah… well, that’s because this isn’t your baby. You are too much of a loser to get me pregnant so I started fucking my lovers without condoms and this is NOT your baby! Now that I’ve said what I needed to say, I’m out of here, I’m done with you!

OMG are you seriously?! Are you really begging me to stay with you even though I’m not even carrying your baby? Fine, I’ll consider it… but you are going to put everything in my name and you are going to spend every dollar you ever make taking care of another man’s baby… and if you do a good job, I might let you fuck me once every 3 months or so… haha! You are such a loser babe!

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You’ll like this video if you like your bitchy pregnant girlfriend cuckolding you with another man’s baby! You hot preggo girlfriend turned you into a cuckold and got pregnant by another man. Now you have to be baby daddy because you are a cuckold loser!

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