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Sorry for not updating in a few days…. I have been sick! I swear it’s always one thing after another after another. Everybody in my house was sick early in the week so obviously I didn’t have much “me” time when I am cleaning up tons of puke but now yesterday it finally passed to me and I have been super sick since yesterday afternoon. I will be fine tomorrow though, luckily this is one of those 24 hour type bugs that passes quickly. I am feeling a lot better today but am just sooooo tired, all I want to do is sleep and that is so not like me. Anyways, just wanted to pop in and let everybody know! I might work on my blog a little tonight while I am laying in bed but it’s not a guarantee since I do still feel pretty crappy.

Here are some pics I have taken recently! Enjoy!

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Boobs and Belly!

Thought I would share a pic with you guys this morning :)

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