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Your Pantyhose Therapist Financial Domination Clip

You are my patient and I am your beautiful therapist who just so happens to wear the sexiest pantyhose ever even though I know that pantyhose is your total addiction. You have been coming to me to try and cure your pantyhose, leg and feet addiction. You feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into a submissive state and you fear that you soon may run across a domination pantyhose wearing Princess that is going to take you for everything your worth. You came to me begging that I cure you as I am the most well known pantyhose addiction therapist there is. I tell you to breathe deeply, in and out… in and out… I am going to put you into a trance so I can re-program your subconscious mind to not be addicted to pantyhose anymore. Once you are under the trance, I tell you my true intentions of today’s visit. I am a pantyhose therapist but not the kind you thought I was. When I am done with you, you will be completed 100% addicted to pantyhose in the worst ways possible. You won’t just be addicted to pantyhose… you’ll be addicted to me and my beautiful pantyhose covered legs and feet. You won’t understand why you feel the dire urge to see me multiple times per week and to give me more and more of your money. Every time you see me your addiction will grow stronger and stronger… until you are left broke and mind fucked.

Runtime: 16 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: You will be completely addicted to your pantyhose therapist and her sexy thick legs and beautiful feet in high heels and pantyhose in this sexy pantyhose financial domination fetish clip!

Forced Intox with Poppers – Obey Your Princess

This is a custom made video, email me to order yours!

In this video, You would order the viewer to kneel at Your feet, positioning the camera on the floor looking up at Your legs, the closer the better. You would order them to sniff the poppers and once the rush kicks in, about 5 secs, You would give them suggestions that would have a brainwashing effect: Tell them how weak they are for Women’s legs. How they must always obey a Woman showing of Her legs. You should allow about a minute or so between sniffs… Tell them that Women wearing high heels trigger an intense desire to kneel, worship and obey… That they are helpless before these superior Women. You can then begin to include commands about becoming so grateful to You for sharing these truths and how I will desire to serve You and buy Your clips… Finally, end with some humiliation a cum eating command that will prove how much of a puppet I have become for Your legs, now forever brainwashed to be obedient because of my weakness for beautiful Woman’s legs.

Runtime: 16 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful powerful Goddess Kristi gets you mind fucked on poppers and makes you submit to her powerful legs and feet in high heels and pantyhose. You are completely weak and mind fucked for Goddess Kristi’s crossed legs and popper jerk off instruction clip!

Earn Your Orgasm Financial Domination Pantyhose

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
Here is the “script” for my 6th custom. I call this “Hipnotic Ass”.
For Your outfit, I thought it would be nice to revisit the same black dress and long black gloves that You wore in my very first custom clip. But this time, You will be wearing the new Cecelia de Rafael pantyhose in the color “black”. Please wear black panties underneath.
Weaken and mind-f*ck me with Your perfect legs and feet and also exploit my new found fascination with Your ass. Rather than “booty shaking”, I prefer something a little slower, sensual and mesmerizing such as the rhythmic hip gyrations You did in my last clip.
While You’re driving me wild with Your body, You can dominate me, humiliate me, give me instructions, and/or do whatever You desire. I will be helpless to believe anything You say and do anything You wish.
At the end, once You’ve had Your way with me, I will be at Your mercy to allow me to have an orgasm. I beg of You not to leave me denied again like a pathetic fool. Thank You, Princess.

Sounds like a hot video, doesn’t it loser? Do you think you have what it takes to play this game with me? Can you accept the fact that you will be powerless against my me… you will surrender every bit of self control over to me? My beautiful body, pantyhose covered legs, feet…. I will have you on your knees, weak and begging me to give you what you truly want… what you crave, what you need! The sweet release that you’ve been holding on to that is just *dying* to come out…. You’ll do anything to cum, loser. Don’t worry, I am going to let you cum in this video… you just have to earn it first.

Runtime: 18 minutes.

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Crossing My Legs in Sheer Pantyhose

I am wearing a pair of very sheer pantyhose that perfectly show off every detail of my sexy feet, legs, and toes. I am lying on my floor teasing you with my legs and feet. I start to cross my legs…. right over left, left over right,…. I know this is making you so very hard so I continue to cross my legs. I lift my legs up and show you my toes, my sexy pink toes, then I start crossing my legs again. I cross and recross my legs in a variety of different ways, over the knee, over the thighs, and at the ankles. My thick sexy legs and thighs look absolutely amazing when they are crossed in pantyhose!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sex fetish Princess Kristi shows off her thick legs and thighs while crossing and uncrossing her pantyhose covered legs! Your cock is going to get the ultimate workout rubbing one out to this incredible crossed legs in pantyhose fetish clip!

Hot Mom Gives Jerk Off Instruction in Pantyhose Crossed Legs Fetish Clip


I am wearing my incredibly sexy flower pantyhose and I am sitting in my chair. I start by showing your my sexy thick legs and thighs in these pantyhose, talking to you about how you like my pantyhose covered legs. I know how much this turns you on and I know the other thing that drives you wild…. crossing my legs! I start to cross my legs in my pantyhose. I cross my legs over the thigh with each leg while telling you to stroke your cock for me. I keep encouraging you to stroke while crossing and recrossing my legs. I lean back in my chair and put my pantyhose covered legs in the air and start crossing my legs at the ankles and shins. I keep crossing my legs over and over while telling you to stroke and finally to cum all over my crossed pantyhose covered legs.

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Fetish Princess Kinky Kristi shows off and teases your cock with her thick legs in shiny floral pantyhose. She will make your cock so hard watching her cross and uncross her sexy pantyhose legs while giving jerk off instruction for your hard cock. Jerk your dick and cum so hard for Princess Kristi’s sexy crossed legs fetish pantyhose covered legs joi clip!

Worship Big White Booty in Shiny Beige Flower Pantyhose


My ass looks delicious in this pair of sheer beige shiny flower pantyhose. I love the way my thick booty feels when it is covered in pantyhose. My ass deserves to be worshiped in these pantyhose and that is what I want you to do. I stick my ass right up to your face and tease you with it’s round perfection. It is so luscious and thick and you will find it impossible to not bury your face in my ass! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy big booty Princess Kristi shows off her perfect white ass wearing shiny pantyhose. Stick your face in her big delicious ass and give amazing pantyhose ass worship to this big booty cutie in this incredible pantyhose ass worship clip!

Goddess Worship in Shiny Pantyhose and Shiny Heels

Mmmmm it’s so tempting isn’t it? Seeing the incredibly sexy preview to this clip and seeing the ultra expensive price tag. You are sitting at your computer wondering whether it’s worth it or not. You sit and watch the preview over and over again, my sexy pantyhose covered legs and shiny heels you into submission. You know that you must see my beautiful Goddess legs and heels at all costs so you buy this video and become one step closer to total addiction… This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Princess Kristi uses her powerful legs, feet and heels to lure you into complete financial submission in this sexy goddess worship clip… can you handle the beautiful femdomme Kristi?