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Always Better Than Her

Hello pet. Here you are… back again… and again… and again… Even after all of these years, you still come back to me every time. You crave me. You’re addicted to me… and you always will be.

Even though you have a girlfriend, you still come back to me and you always will. Why are you even still with her, pet? You know she will never anything like me. You are completely addicted to me… my ass… my tits… my hair… everything about me will always be superior to her. Always.

Why do you waste your time with subpar women? You know everything you need is right here… and always will be. That’s why you will continue to come back year after year… you can’t forget me… you don’t want to leave me… you are my pet for life.

I will ALWAYS be better than her.

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Your Wife is a Fat Hog with a Gross Sweaty Pussy

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You see that I’m jerking off again and you wonder why because I’m married. Why aren’t I fucking my wife? But then you laugh and admit that you know exactly why. It’s because my wife is a fat pig. Shes a big fat disgusting hog and I’d rather jerk off than fuck her stinky pussy. You love making fun of her and it makes me so hard hearing it so you continue trash talking these body parts as I stroke. Her tits are fat and saggy. Yep, she’s got low hanging pancake tits and her nipples point at the ground. Her fat hog belly hangs down so low and her pussy and ass are always sweaty and stinky. Abundant use of the words wife, fat, pig and hog. You’re just being honest, she’s disgusting, and I should never fuck her again. From now on I will drain my balls to you over and over and over, every single day, that way if she even tries to have sex with me my dick will never be able to get hard. Now I must shoot as much cum as possible, and if I think I have any left, I am required to restart the clip and blow another load just to be safe!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

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Fuck Your Wife, Fuck Your Life

Hello again pet. You are going to be shocked with some very powerful information today. I know everything about you, your wife and your life. With this information I can make you do anything I want you to do… if you don’t want to completely fuck your life. I have asked you so many times before to quit fucking that gross sweaty hog face whore of a wife and you still haven’t. You still stick your dick in that stanky sweaty pussy all the time and I am absolutely sick of it. I told you that you were only allowed to stroke for me and today I’ll make sure that you never get your dick hard for your wife again. See, if you don’t commit to only cumming for me from now on, I’ll be emailing your fat pig wife pictures of my cute baby bump and I’ll tell her that I am carrying your illegitimate . You both know that this isn’t your baby… but your wifey doesn’t know that! I wonder how much damage I could do to your life by just sending a few pics of my big beautiful pregnant belly to your gross hog wife? I’m sure I could completely fuck everything up for you. The only way you can me from destroying your life is pulling your cock out and jerking for me… and only me… from now on. Are you ready pet? Just remember… if you fuck your wife, you’ll be fucking your life.

Runtime: 10 minutes.

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Home Wrecking Therapist Takes Your Cum

Hello. I’m glad you came to your appointment. So let me review your case… let’s see, your wife sent you here because you are starting to develop an ED problem and she wants you to try therapy? Well, that is certainly treatable. Infact, I have a new experimental drug that has had really good success treating ED cases. Here, just take this pill and we can begin our therapy session. Ok… so, I can see that the pill has taken effect and now I can begin. Haha! That was a mind control pill and now you are completely under my control. I am a therapist, just not the type your wife thought I was! See, you don’t have an ED problem, you have an ugly wife problem and I am going to fix you up real good. With my mesmerizing voice and movements I will have you cumming only for me from now on. Your wife will never get your cum, ever again. By the time we are done with this session you will will be reprogrammed to only produce your seed for me. You nor your wife will have any idea what is going on because it will be a deep dark lust buried in your subconscious…. the need to stroke for me and only me….will be so strong, you won’t be able to deny it.

Runtime: 17 minutes.

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