Your father has recently passed and due to a tense family dynamic and your sister not being quite as “good” as daddy wanted her to be, you were left everything in the inheritance. Your sister Kristi was completely written out of the will. You knew she would be upset but when you didn’t hear anything after his passing, you thought everything was fine.

One week before the will’s reading your sister happens to stop by… and it seems to be on good terms! She brings some drinks with her and even though you really did not feel like drinking, she was very persistent and you end up drinking with her. It was hard to say no… for some reason it seems like your sister is being extra nice… extra flirty… extra sexy…

Soon after the first drink you realize your horrible mistake… you should have known better… you should have known your stuck up princess sister would never allow you to inherit everything… but it was too late now. Your eyes are getting heavy… the world is going black…

And suddenly you wake up with the worst headache ever… and to see your sister perched above you in the sexiest lingerie you’ve ever seen. You’ve always had a secret thing for your sister but you know this isn’t going to end well for you and it doesn’t take long to find out!

Your drink was spiked with some sort of horrible drug that Kristi claims is going to stop your heart as soon as your next orgasm commences… you might be able to make it out of this if you can just resist…. HER!

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