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Mommy’s Little Asshole Slave

Kristi is a loving mother yet she is constantly tested by her pervy son. He constantly spies on her while she is undressing and in her intimate moments. She has caught him… and punished him… many times before with each punishment getting more severe.

She had a feeling he was back to his old ways so tonight she set a trap for him. She knew he was hiding the bed so she locked her door and began to get undress and find her rest clothes. She put on some very slutty lingerie tonight knowing what she had planned.

She lied down in bed and left a piece of her ass exposed. It wasn’t long before her son crawled from under the bed to get a better peek at his sexy mother’s ass. He has no idea that his mommy knows what he is doing… until she catches him!

She turns around and busts him right in the act of eye fucking her big ass in thongs. She tells him that this was a trap and now his punishment will commence. She demands that he sticks his face in her ass and breath in her stinky scent. She skipped her shower tonight just so her ass scent would be strong.

Things progress to Kristi forcing her son to stick his tongue up her ass, clean her asshole and lick her pussy. She continues to make him her asshole slave until it finally feels clean enough and then she climbs up and straddles his face. She grinds her shaved pussy all over her son’s face while demanding he lick her pussy until she has a massive orgasm.

Her son better learn to quit spying on mommy!

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Bitchy Step Mother Demands Your Cum

Your father has been long term dating an incredibly hot yet total bitch of a woman. Even though she is the biggest bitch in the world, you can’t stop your cock from getting hard every time you see her feet. She has the sexiest feet ever and she always has her toes painted just the right color.

She has even caught you perving on her feet before… she never spoke of it to your father but she punished you in her own twisted ways.

She was irritated that it’s been months and still no wedding proposal. She is starting to worry that your father might not marry her after all… and no marriage means no money. Day by day she is increasingly frusterated and she continues to take it out on you.

Tonight was one of those nights… your bitchy future mother in law decides to punish you for just existing and your punishment is admiring her perfect body while she tries to come up with a solution to her problem. Not that you mind… her body is perfect and you have no problems doing as she says… but apparently you fucked that up too, just like everything else.

After a long bit of being degraded for being a bad boy, the idea finally pops into her head! She has decided that the only way this marriage is going to happen is if she gets pregnant… and it’s obviously not working with your father so now she has her eyes on you.

She tells you that you will impregnate her. You will fuck your bitchy future step mother and you will cum deep in her pussy and get her pregnant. It’s the only choice you have, she says. But don’t worry, she knows how much you love her feet so she is going to let you worship them while you fuck her.

She lies on the bed, sticks her feet in your face and demands your cock in her pussy!

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Owning a House Bitch is the Best

The sexy dominant Goddess Kristi is on the phone with her best friend Sophie. Kristi is trying to convince her bestie that owning a house bitch is definitely worth the initial time investment. She explains how awesome is it to have a man as a personal servant. Someone is pays the bills, does the house work and serves the Mistress is definitely the best thing ever, Kristi explains.

Training the house bitch requires some work, you see, but once you have him properly trained everything is easy after that. Kristi’s house bitch is not quite fully trained so Kristi has to stop a few times for some discipline. Once her phone call is over, Kristi gets up to feed her house bitch the dinner she has been promising.

She stands up and pulls down her panties to reveal a huge creamy load of another man’s cum in her pussy. She scoops a huge glob out of her pussy onto her finger and feeds it to her house bitch. This is the dinner of a loser, eat up bitch!

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Sorry Babe, You Are NOT The Father

Babe, I need to talk to you about something very important. See, all of the nights I go out with my “friends”… well, I wasn’t actually doing that. I’ve actually been cheating on you… a lot… like every night… and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon. That’s not all babe… the guys I’ve been fucking…. they are black dudes with huge cocks! That’s right, I’ve been fucking big black bulls night after night. Oh and babe, there is something else I need to tell you. You know how you thought you got me pregnant and you were under the impression that this is your baby that I am carrying? Well, it isn’t. This isn’t your baby, you are not the father. Actually, I am pregnant with a black baby from one of the black bulls I’ve been fucking. I’m not about to ruin my incredible sex life with him though so I’m not telling him about the baby. Actually, since you are such a cuck loser and you can’t live without me… you are going to be raising this baby. You are going to provide all financial support for this baby and you are even going to sign the birth certificate. Consider it your support for me being in a relationship with your pathetic ass. Sorry babe but I’m not sorry and I have a date to get to so you might as well stay here and jerk your worthless dick thinking about how good I’m getting fucked tonight! Bye babe!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your pregnant cheating girlfriend has some bad news to tell you. She is heavily pregnant and she has still been cheating on you with other men with huge dicks. She tells you that your tiny worthless penis does not sexually satisfy her so she continues to get big dicks on the side. That isn’t all though… she also tells you that you are not the father of her baby. One of the dudes she has been hooking up with got her pregnant and now you are going to raise another man’s baby like a chump cuckold loser! Super sexy cheating pregnant girlfriend cuckold clip!

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You Crave My Heels and Humiliation

Hello again shoe slut! Today is a lucky day for you because I am going to let you stroke your loser dick for my sexy high heels! That’s right, no tricks… just incredible stroking for my super sexy heels! I know you crave a little verbal humiliation as well so I’ll give you some of that, too 😉 Buy this clip and get stroking, shoe bitch!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

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Jerk Off Instruction with Your Pantyhose Princess Kristi

Hello again loser. Your beautiful Princess is wearing her sexy expensive Cecelia De Rafael pantyhose today and I just know you cannot resist me now pet…. It has been a while since we’ve played and I am going to be so nice and let you stroke your cock to my sexy pantyhose legs and feet in these sexy black wedges. While you are stroking I am going to be explaining to you exactly what it is I expect out of our relationship and how I simply cannot tolerate your tardiness. Your Princess must be served, spoiled and worshiped as often as possible and I am sure you will understand why as you are getting more and more entranced with my perfect body while you are stroking your dick. You will be hanging on my every word as you understand and learn what your Princess expects and how sweet I can be when I get what I want… By the end of this video you are going to be practically begging me for an orgasm…. but will you be allowed to have one?

Runtime: 12 minutes.

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Bratty SPH in Gladiator Sandals

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
I’m a big fan of a more cocky, playful mocking attitude. Not so much a cruel one.
Attire: Clothed. tighter Jeans, yoga pants, shorts etc. that shows off your legs, open toed shoes (open toed sandals or gladiator type open toed flat sandals preferred).
Perspective: Shot with one angle (no need for the camera to move). With her leg crossed at the knee and both feet visible in the shot
Scenario: You are essentially telling me that you are addicted to big cock and I am too small to satisfy you. Additionally that you know you own my cock and i’ve become a two pump chump around you so you’re going to continue to get pounded (like you deserves) by bigger dick and there is nothing I can do about it. I prefer a mocking and cocky attitude rather than a cruel one. You can move your leg and foot around (while keeping your leg crossed) to simulate the difference in what sex with me feels like (which is very little movement of leg and foot while crossed) and a bigger cock (a lot of movement of leg and foot while crossed). You can tell me to pull my cock out because jacking off and cumming to your legs and feet are what I can handle.
I love the way you mock someone jacking off, so maybe (keeping your leg crossed throughout) you can do some of that type of mocking while continually brining up that you knows I’m gonna bust my load and you own my cock that would be great. At the end if you can could count me down (then mock me for cumming so fast) that would be great.
Cocky looks, middle finger and mocking tone appreciated 🙂

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your bratty bitchy Princess humiliates and laughs at you for being a small dick loser and a premature ejaculator! She teases you with her sexy thick thighs, sexy legs, and sexy feet in gladiator sandals while mocking and laughing at your shrimp dick in this sexy bratty small penis humiliation clip!