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Jerk Your Cock for My Contracting Belly

Oh babe, I am so glad you are home from work! I have been having contractions all day and they are really getting intense now… I think it’s time to go the hospital…. babe! Did you just get a…. boner? You did! Your cock is rock hard… for my contractions?! Are you really turned on for my contracting belly? Well… that’s going to be a problem babe because we have to leave for the hospital soon! You are going to have to pull your hard dick out and jerk and cum quickly before we leave! It’s ok babe, I want you to. I think it’s sexy that you are hard for me in labor. That’s right, pull that big cock out and rub one out while I’m laboring but you have to be quick babe! This baby is coming soon and we don’t have much time to spare!

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Preterm Contractions in a Blue Leotard

I am 24 weeks pregnant and I was filming a lot of videos today. Some of them had me standing and bending over a lot and I guess I over did it. I started having some contractions so I had to sit down and take a break… which is when I turned on the camera for this video! I sit and talk to you about my preterm contractions and about other aspects of my pregnancy while riding out these early contractions. I have a round a pretty painful contractions before they finally let up. These may be preterm contractions but geez they sure did hurt! Now I’m getting nervous about the real thing that is coming soon!

Runtime: 15 minutes.

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