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Sexy Hot Chick Blowing Up Balloons and Sit to Pop Balloons in a Thong

I’ve had so much fun with my balloons videos that I wanted to make another one… except this time I am popping balloons with my ass while wearing a thong! I blow up several balloons in this video and I stick each one of them under my big juicy ass and pop them by bouncing on them. Some of them were so hard to pop that I had to pinch the balloon to help it pop under my ass. You’ll love watching me blow up and pop balloon after balloon in this video!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Big booty hottie Kinky Kristi blows up balloons and pops them with her ass in a thong! You’ll love seeing this big booty hottie sit to pop several balloons wearing a thong in the looner lovers balloon fetish clip!

Kinky Kristi Blows Up Balloons and Pops Balloons Looner Fetish

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
I’d like for you to be laying on your bed on your stomach, facing the camera with your legs crossed at the ankles, (as if you were watching T.V. as you may have done when you were a little girl) barefoot fully nude with 3 balloons. (A side shot of this would be most preferable) Blow up the first one as LARGE as you can, right before it pops. Tie it off and then position yourself kneeling on the bed (all fours) and place the balloon on the back of your calves with the neck of the balloon facing towards the camera so I can see the neck bulge when you begin to sit on it. Take the second balloon into your mouth and begin to blow while grinding on the balloon beneath your ass, resting on your calves. Be careful not to pop it just yet though. Continue to blow up the second balloon up as LARGE as you can. But this time, blow it up half way and then begin to blow and then take the air back into your mouth (as if you’re huffing the balloon). So it will be inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale all with the balloon in your mouth. After you’ve done this several times, continue to blow up the balloon larger and larger, until it’s about to pop and tie it off. Then continue to grind into the balloon beneath you until it pops. Then take the balloon you just blew up and step to pop it slowly as illustrated in the below picture. With the last balloon, I’d like for you to be lying on your back this time and raise your legs in the air with your legs crossed at the ankles and begin blowing up the balloon as large as you can. When the balloon gets to a large size, I’d like for you to take your legs and wrap them around the balloon while you’re blowing it. When it’s finally large enough, tie it off and position yourself with the balloon against the wall with the neck facing upwards and place your feet on the balloon with your legs crossed at the ankles with your feet arched. Begin to press on the balloon slowly until it finally pops.

Runtime: 9 minutes.

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Hot Girl Blows Up Big 36 Inch Balloon and Sits to Pop Balloon Fetish

I have been making a few balloon popping videos lately but I wanted to step it up even more… see, I totally have a fear of popping balloons. I’ve never in my life popped balloons with my fingers or by blowing them up until they pop. I have always been really scared of popping balloons so it was a HUGE step to start making balloon popping videos! Once I made the first one I really liked it even though it still freaks me out to pop balloons. I had a lot of fun making the balloon videos that I have already made and I’ve been getting requests to blow up and pop the really big balloons so I finally had to give in and give my fans what they want! I bought a pack of really really big balloons online and couldn’t wait until they arrived at my house! When they finally did I immediately filmed a video with one! I blew up a huge green balloon, my very first ever BIG balloon, and I popped it! It took me quite a while to finally blow this huge balloon all the way up and after I did I tied it shut and played with it. I sat on this huge balloon with my full body weight and it didn’t pop! I bounced on it and sat on it in a vareity of positions before I popped it. When it came time to pop this monstrous balloon I grabbed a toothpick (because there is NO way that I could be brave enough to pop a balloon this big with my fingers!) and I the balloon and it exploded under me making me crashed to the ground! It was totally fun and it was a huge pop!

Runtime: 12 minutes.

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Kinky Kristi Blows Up and Sits to Pop Balloons Looner Fetish

I had such a great response and even more requests from my first balloon video so here is another requested balloon video! In this video I have a few already blown up balloons and I am wearing some sexy AE jeans. I am going to pop these balloons by sitting on them with my jeans covered ass. I grab each balloon, one at a time, and slide it under my ass…. I sit on it, squish it under my ass and roll around on top of it but it is just so hard to pop! I didn’t realize that popping balloons by sitting on them would be so hard! I keep trying and trying to pop this balloon under my ass and it just won’t pop…. so I reach down while the balloon is being squished under my ass and I give it a little pinch with my fingers and….POP! There it went! That was the first time I ever popped a balloon by sitting on it! I grab balloon after balloon, popping each one with my ass… some pop just from my ass, others have to be pinched while I am sitting on them but they all get popped! I had so much fun with the first few that I grab 3 more balloons and blow them up for you then I sit on those and pop them too! I had a lot of fun popping these balloons and I will definitely be doing it again soon!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky Kristi blows up lots of balloons for all of you looners and she sits on the balloons with jeans until she pops the balloons with her jeans covered ass! She blows up balloon after balloon popping all of the loons with her ass in jeans in the balloon looner fetish clip!

Hot Girl Looner Blows Up Balloons Topless with Big Tits Balloon Fetish

I have been getting a lot of request lately to make balloon related videos so this is my first one! I have a pile of balloons and I am going to blow them up for you, topless! I blow each balloon up so full and tie them off, then I grab another and do the same. Be sure to send me your balloon related ideas and requests!

Runtime: 4 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy Kinky Kristi blows up lots of 12 inch balloons for you while topless! You’ll love watching sexy camgirl Kristi huff and puff to blow up balloons in this sexy looner balloon clip!