I have been making a few balloon popping videos lately but I wanted to step it up even more… see, I totally have a fear of popping balloons. I’ve never in my life popped balloons with my fingers or by blowing them up until they pop. I have always been really scared of popping balloons so it was a HUGE step to start making balloon popping videos! Once I made the first one I really liked it even though it still freaks me out to pop balloons. I had a lot of fun making the balloon videos that I have already made and I’ve been getting requests to blow up and pop the really big balloons so I finally had to give in and give my fans what they want! I bought a pack of really really big balloons online and couldn’t wait until they arrived at my house! When they finally did I immediately filmed a video with one! I blew up a huge green balloon, my very first ever BIG balloon, and I popped it! It took me quite a while to finally blow this huge balloon all the way up and after I did I tied it shut and played with it. I sat on this huge balloon with my full body weight and it didn’t pop! I bounced on it and sat on it in a vareity of positions before I popped it. When it came time to pop this monstrous balloon I grabbed a toothpick (because there is NO way that I could be brave enough to pop a balloon this big with my fingers!) and I the balloon and it exploded under me making me crashed to the ground! It was totally fun and it was a huge pop!

Runtime: 12 minutes.

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