Sissy Training for My New Chastity Maid

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Hello sissy bitch. I’m glad you arrived on time. Today is the first day of the rest of your life…. in chastity! Not only will your pathetic cock be locked up but you will also be my new sissy maid. I have your required uniform here… this sexy slutty panties, a corset, stockings and this incredibly painful tall high heels. You will be wearing this outfit everyday while your cock is locked. You will be cleaning for me… scrubbing my toilets and washing my dirty panties. Ugh… are you getting hard right now? You are, aren’t you? You are getting that worthless penis hard at the thought of being my bitch. Well, I can’t exactly lock your cock up while it’s hard. I suppose you can go ahead and masturbate one last time before I lock you up. Get on with it loser… jerk that cock for your beautiful Princess but don’t count on getting my permission for an orgasm… you certainly have NOT earned it.

Runtime: 15 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Unlock your cock from your chastity device while Princess Kristi explains your new life as her bitch maid. You will receive sissy slut training while being allowed to stroke your cock but not for long! Princess Kristi will ruined your orgasm with femdom orgasm control in this sexy chastity jerk off instruction video!

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