Sexy Girl Overeating and Face Stuffing Mexican Food!

I had the worst case of the munchies ever tonight so I went to a Mexican fast food place and ordered a Grande Nacho combo with a Pepsi. I brought it home and sat down on my bed and arranged my food so you could see it all. I was sooooo starving tonight and all of this food looked absolutely delicious. I show off my yummy food to you before I start digging in. I start with the taco that comes with the nachos. I devoured that in a few bites. Then I pour lots of hot sauce all over my nachos are start eating! They were so good I was really stuffing them in then about mid way through I really started getting full! My eating slowed down and I had to practically force myself to finish eating all of my nachos but I did! I ate them all besides a few lone chips that didn’t have any toppings on them. I drank all of my Pepsi too. That food was so delicious but I sure did eat too much! My belly got bloated before I even finished and by the time I was done I looked like I was 6 months pregnant! I make sure to show off my big hard bloated belly for you and talk about how I feel after eating all of that food!

Runtime: 23 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy girl stuffing herself with tons of Mexican food! Sexy camgirl Kristi overeating way too much food and loves indulging your sexy hot girl food stuffing fetish and sexy big bloated belly fetish in this food stuffing clip!


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