Ruined Orgasm – Stroke It For Me Baby Video

Hi baby. I want you to whip out that cock and stroke it for me today. I love watching you stroke your cock, it’s so fucking hot. I am going to show you how I want you to stroke your cock by stroking my dildo. You are to copy me exactly, you must go the same speed as me, and you may NOT cum until I give you permission. If you cum before I tell you that you can then you are a ginormous fucking loser and I will hate you. Now pull that cock out, that’s right, get it super hard for me. Mmmm yeah stroke it just like I stroke my dildo. I know you want to cum so bad don’t you? You are just dying for my permission to cum right? Well guess what…. there is a surprise at the end of this video and trust me, it’s not what you were thinking. Maybe you don’t deserve to cum after all…. maybe you are just a fucking stupid loser and you don’t deserve an orgasm. Want to find out if I let you cum after I make you stroke it for an agonizing hot 7 minutes? Buy this clip and find out! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

 Runtime: 8:00 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Stroking your wimpy cock to a beautiful Goddess with big awesome tits while being dominated and humiliated for being a loser. You get to stroke your dick so good for Kristi before she completely ruins your orgasm in this sexy ruined orgasm video!

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