Queen Mommy Thrones the New King

Kristi is the queen of a beautiful kingdom and life couldn’t be more perfect…. except for the king. Kristi absolutely despises him. He is an arrogant ruler and treats Kristi and her son as if they were mere peasants.

Queen Kristi has finally had enough… she arranges a secret meeting with her son. When he arrives, she begins to tell him the plan. The king must be dethroned! There is only one way that will work… he must have an unfortunate accident so that Kristi’s handsome son will be throned the new king.

It’s all part of her plan… she has lusted for her son for years and he is finally ready to be the new king… to be her lover… to put a baby… the future king into her belly!

But first, she must make him a man… and there is only one way to do that!

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