Princess Kristi’s Fat Camp Feeder/Feedee Fetish


“Princess Kristi’s Fat Camp Feeder/Feedee Fetish” I know one of your biggest fantasies is getting super super fat so that I have to take care of you. Welcome to Princess Kristi’s Fat Camp! No you won’t be losing any weight here, you will be gaining! I am going to force feed you as much sugary high calorie food as I can get in your mouth. When you feel like you have had enough I show you how awesome it is going to be to be big and fat for me. I turn around and show off my slutty outfit and tell you how you will get to watch me walk around like this all day long taking care of your fat ass. Yes fatty, eat, get fat for Princess Kristi. You will eat this whole tub of whipped cream! Filmed in 1280×720 high definition!

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