Princess Kristi Sexy Forced Intox in Pantyhose Crossed Legs Fetish

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You catch the viewer looking at Your legs… You begin to seductively tease with them by crossing and uncrossing. You suggest the viewer have a sip of their drink everytime You cross or recross Your legs. You love that the viewer is falling into Your web the more the watch Your legs and the more they drink the more susceptible they become to Your suggestions. Build in a couple breaks in the video where the viewer has to drink a shot and wait 15 minutes to allow the alcohol to sink in. Once the viewer has been sufficiently entranced by Your gorgeous legs and has become inebriated, You begin having fun with them… Humiliating tasks, kneeling in worship, tribute requests, all along reinforcing how weak and powerless they are for Your legs. End the video with a cum countdown that You abort at the last second, reinforcing Your complete dominance, leaving the viewer drunk, blue balled, and completely submissive to You!

Runtime: 24 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Beautiful powerful Goddess Kristi forces you into submission with her beautiful thick legs and wrinkled feet in pantyhose. You will get drunk with forced intox and completely submit yourself to Princess Kristi’s crossed legs in pantyhose in this sexy forced intox crossed legs fetish clip!

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