Princess Kristi in the Bubble Bath Makes You Pay Up, Piggy Loser


Hi piggy loser! It’s your perfect bratty Princess Kristi here and I am relaxing in a gorgeous bubble bath today. As I was sitting here in my perfect life I was thinking about how much of a stupid loser you are. I want you to sit down with me so I can explain to you that the only way you can make yourself any less of a loser is by giving me your money and even then, you are still a loser for Princess Kristi. I have a little assignment for you this week, piggy. I expect you to complete it to my satisfaction. Buy this clip and find out what your assignment is. I am a mean bratty Princess in this clip and I know how to put losers like you in your place, below me ofcourse! Filmed in 1280×720 high definition!

 Runtime: 5:41 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy findom Princess Kristi dominates you into spending all of your money on her while she is soaking in the delicious bubble bath. You’ll have no choice but to sign over your paychecks after findom Princess Kristi gets done with you in this financial domination video!

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