Pervy Brother Gets Ass Punishment from Sister

Omg… I just can’t believe I caught you doing… THAT! I knew you were up to something… it was awfully suspicious that my panties kept coming up missing and you were always in the bathroom. I’ve caught you in the act this time and you are going to pay, little bro. I’m not telling the parentals, either. They never do anything to you when you are in trouble so I am going to punish you myself this time.

Oh little bro, you fucked up SO bad. I just got back from cheer and my ass is SO sweaty. Like completely fucking ripe, dirty, sweaty ass and guess what? You like smelling my dirty panties so much I am going to give you the real deal.

You are going to worship, sniff and lick every bit of my dirty asshole and crack as your punishment for being a panty sniffing perv! Oh and that’s not all… I have something in mind as well. You are going to have to stroke your pathetic dick and catch your cum for the next part. I hope you are ready for a disgusting treat right in your mouth!

Maybe this will teach you to quit being such a little freak!!

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