Panty Sniffing Son Gets Smoking Punishment with Step Mom

Kristi just got home from work and is talking on the phone with a friend. As she walks into her bedroom, she finds her pervy step son smelling her dirty panties! She is absolutely furious, how dare her step son even think to do such a thing!

She sits down at her desk and lights up a cigarette. She begins to question her step son about when he started sniffing her panties. He says it is the first time but Kristi knows better. She knows that she must implement a stiff punishment to nip this in the bud before it progresses to something much worse.

She lays out his options for punishment: he can lose privileges or… he can partake in a smoking lesson with his step mother. He doesn’t really realize exactly how severe a smoking lesson can be so he agrees to sit and smoke. Kristi seizes this opportunity to really teach her step son a lesson.

She makes him light up a cigarette and he is sure this will be the easiest punishment he’s ever had but that was just a fleeting thought… Kristi demands that he take longer puffs, double drags, triple drags… she makes him hold in lungfuls of smoke to the point of wanting to pass out.

Just when the pervy step son thinks it is over, step mom Kristi demands he light up another cigarette and do it all over again! By the time she is finally done punishing him, his lungs are sore, his eyes are red and he is quite sure that he will never pick up smoking as a habit in the future. This just might have been a very effective punishment!

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