Owning a House Bitch is the Best

The sexy dominant Goddess Kristi is on the phone with her best friend Sophie. Kristi is trying to convince her bestie that owning a house bitch is definitely worth the initial time investment. She explains how awesome is it to have a man as a personal servant. Someone is pays the bills, does the house work and serves the Mistress is definitely the best thing ever, Kristi explains.

Training the house bitch requires some work, you see, but once you have him properly trained everything is easy after that. Kristi’s house bitch is not quite fully trained so Kristi has to stop a few times for some discipline. Once her phone call is over, Kristi gets up to feed her house bitch the dinner she has been promising.

She stands up and pulls down her panties to reveal a huge creamy load of another man’s cum in her pussy. She scoops a huge glob out of her pussy onto her finger and feeds it to her house bitch. This is the dinner of a loser, eat up bitch!

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