Not a Virgin Anymore

Kristi’s son has been away at college for a few months and he is back home for a 2 week break… just him and his mother. Kristi is extra excited to see him and immediately starts asking all about college and how it’s been.

She can sense that something isn’t right… her son is feeling tense and miserable about something so she begins to ask why. After a little reluctancy, her son confesses that he is still a virgin and it is really causing problems at college with the girls.

Kristi assures her son that being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed of but she can see it is still bothering him. She gives him his favorite shoulder massage, just like she always has… but this time his eyes begin to wander down his mother’s shirt!

She catches him staring at her tits and she immediately knows what she needs to do. A good mother will do anything for her son…

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