My Ravenous Pregnant Belly Has Demanded That I EAT YOU

Thank you SO much for bringing me this bowl of delicious food.. it is so good! I’m so thankful because I was absolutely starving. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be pregnant? My belly is turning into a ravenous beast… it is always demanding me to feed it more and more food and I just can’t keep up! Mmmmm yum yum, this is so good…. OUCH! Do you hear that? My belly… it’s talking… it is getting angry… it says this bowl of food is not enough. Oh no, it’s getting louder, my ravenous beast of a belly is very angry now… the food is gone and it is still not satisfied! Wait.. it’s talking to me… what’s that belly? What do you want me to do? Oh no! My dear friend, my belly has spoken to me… it has told me that I must…. I must… I must EAT YOU! I’m sorry, my dearest friend but I must do what my belly asks and it wants you inside of me so I must swallow you whole and let my ravenous belly happily digest you!

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