Mommy’s Worthless Shrunken Son

The video starts with you, the mother, taking a seat on a couch, unaware that your son has been shrunken, and is now right behind your ass on the seat, dangerously close to being crushed under it. You relax for a minute or two, before yelling out to him to come over and get you something, only, of course, he doesn’t show up. You complain to yourself about your useless son and how he never does anything to help you out, and while doing so you reads just yourself, with your ass bouncing up and then crashing down on top of him, you continue to move about, grinding him into the couch with your ass, all the while talking about how disappointed you are for raising such a loser son.

You eventually notice that there’s something uncomfortable under ass, and when you investigate, you laugh hysterically to find your son under there! Now he’s a literal pain in your ass as well! You tell him that he won’t be getting any help from you, in fact, you decide to have some fun with him instead. Serves him right for not coming to help you when you asked him to!

You begin to tease and make fun of him, while contemplating what to do with him, and eventually you decide that it’s time for him to be a good little boy and give his mommy’s feet a nice relaxing foot rub. While chuckling to yourself, you drop him down near your feet, lean back, and plant one of your feet vertically right on top of him, crushing him beneath your heel. At this point the chuckle becomes a laugh, as you make fun of his inability to properly do the simple task you asked him to do, taunting his uselessness.

You eventually take your foot off of him, and think aloud of what to do next, you narrow it down to either crushing him between your tits, or just rolling over him and crushing him under your stomach, when you decide that rolling over him would be much funner. You get into position to steamroll him with your belly, and laugh at him, while telling him to run faster if he wants to live, where he makes very little progress. Eventually, you get bored and roll over him, where he ends up plastered to your belly, you laugh and flaunt your superiority over him, before he gets shaken off, landing between your thighs. But then, you don’t believe your eyes, he’s shrinking even smaller! (At this point make him a super small speck, something to make him a small black dot in front of you, like a small bit of pepper or something)

At his new, even more pathetic size, you completely lose it, you can’t hold back your laughter anymore, and you laugh hysterically at your pathetic loser of a sons plight, as his situation becomes truly hopeless for him. You tell him he couldn’t have gotten so small in a worse spot, taunting and teasing him as you slowly begin grinding forward, closer and closer to consuming him with your crotch, however, right before you do it, you stop, you’ve got an even better, far more deserving in store for this worthless speck of a son that you have.

You swivel around, and spread your asscheeks, before wiggling your ass backwards to the point where your huge asshole is right above him. You laugh at how pathetic he is compared to your mighty asshole, and tell him that if he worships it to a satisfactory level, you’ll let him live as an ant in your house. You degrade him further, forcing him to worship it as his life depended on it. Before you gleefully tell him that you had no plans to let him live, you just wanted to see if he would stoop that low to survive. Disgusted, you tell him that as far as you’re concerned, you never had a son to begin with, and let him know that next time, you’ll have a girl instead of a boy, because girls are obviously superior to boys. After all, no girls ever end up being specks before their mother’s asshole. You once again remind him of his proper place in this world, before you realise that he’s been trying to run away this entire time that you were talking! Laughing again one final time at him, you casually tell him goodbye, before farting him out of existence. Satisfied, you turn back around and relax into your chair.

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