Mommy Thinks Your Tiny Penis is Cute

Honey, I’m super busy with work right now… is this something that can wait? Really, it’s that urgent? Well… ok, fine. Now what is so important that you had to ask me right this minute?? Oh my… are you serious? Are we really doing this again?

Why are you so concerned with the size of your penis? You’ve been watching porn again, haven’t you? Every time you watch porn you always feel insecure about the size of your penis and this is getting ridiculous! What can I do to fix this problem for you?

Well, I suppose I could take a peek at it just to ease your fears. I mean, I haven’t seen it in years but it’s not like I haven’t seen it before… no big deal! So… just drop your pants so I can take a look…

Oh no… umm… well… actually sweetie, it is small… really small… like not even average small just straight up tiny! Oh honey, I’m so sorry that you have a baby dick, I don’t know how this could have happened! This is just so horrible for you! I wish I could fix this but unfortunately, I think you are just stuck with this miniature penis attached to you.

Well, there’s no sense of being upset about it. You can’t change the size of your penis. You are just going to have to learn to love it… and the best way to do that is to learn how to make it feel good. Tiny dicks can feel good too. You just have to learn how to properly stroke such a tiny micro penis. You can’t do it the way the big dicks do.

Here, I’ll show you what to do to yourself to make it feel really good. Really sweetie, it’s ok! Mommy still thinks it’s a cute little penis, it’s adorable actually! So go ahead, touch your adorable little inch dick for mommy.

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