Mommy Makes You Her Lover with Poppers

Son, I have been looking for you. I know what you have been doing… I’ve caught you red handed this time. I know you have been stealing mommy’s poppers and I know you have been using them and touching yourself… probably while thinking about me, I’m sure! You’ve done a very bad thing sweety… and now mommy is going to punish you.

See, mommy uses her poppers for a very specific reason. I have an unusual fetish. I like to see big strong manly men fuck their asses with dildos and eat their own cum. Do you think these big tough men would willingly do that for me? Ofcourse not. That’s why mommy uses poppers. She gets her lovers fucked out of their mind on poppers then she coerces them into fucking their asses with big dildos… milking their prostates and making them eat their own load. Mommy loves it… and that’s where you messed up.

You stole my poppers to get high thinking there would be no repercussions. Well honey, there was. Since you like using mommy’s poppers and getting high I think you must want to be mommy’s lover… and to be mommy’s lover means you must do everything mommy’s lovers would do.

Go ahead, take my poppers out of your pocket. I want you to take some deep hits and get high for mommy… don’t worry, I already have the perfect dildo picked up for my sweet boy. Don’t worry honey, eating your cum sounds a lot scarier than it is but I hear that it is completely enjoyable while you’re high on poppers.

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