Mommy Knows Best

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Kristi is a loving, devoted mother. Her son works long hours at a restaurant and he comes home so tired every night. Kristi has noticed that he seems a little depressed lately and she is worried that he needs to relax a little.

Her son comes home again, tired and down, and she just has to do something to cheer him up. She waits until he goes to bed and she comes into his room. Kristi climbs into her son’s bed and tries to figure out what is wrong. She suspects that he needs a special release and it doesn’t take long to find out that is exactly what he needs.

She looks down and notices his cock is hard… just what she suspected. Her son has been working so much that he just hasn’t had the time to care for himself. That’s ok… that’s what a mother is for… to help her boy in every way he needs.

And tonight he needs his mommy… Kristi pulls down the blankets and notices her son’s piercings. She always thought his piercings were hot and she always wondered if he was pierced… down there. She pulls the blankets down further and his hard cock pops up from under them. Yes…. just as she thought… he is pierced there, too.

Kristi can tell he is hesitant to take his mother like this but she knows it is what he needs… and mommy always knows best.

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