Mommy Kisses and Much More

Your dear sweet mother has come to tuck you in for bed. She can tell that you are worried about something so she asks and you tell her that you are nervous about kissing a girl. Your hot mommy tells you not to worry about that… you will be fine, she says… and if it would make you feel better she can show you how!

You are excited! Your mommy is actually willing to show you how to kiss? That is so awesome… not only is your mom super hot but she probably has a ton of experience, too. Your mother leans in and plants the first kiss right on your mouth… wow! She keeps kissing you and soon she starts using her tongue! You never expected that but it has definitely stirred up something else inside of you. You feel something getting hard… and it’s starting to throb.

Your mommy finishes kissing you and gets ready to tell you good night when she feels what happened to you from her kisses! She pulls the blanket back and sees how hard you are and mommy says she wants to kiss you somewhere else now! You can’t believe this is actually happening… you always wanted to do this but you never expected your first time would be with your smoking hot mother!

Best. Night. Ever!

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