Let Mommy Warm You Up

Honey, just checking on you before I go to bed… do you need anything? Cold? What do you mean you’re cold? Hmmm… well it must be hard to go to bed if you’re cold. Let me see if there is anything mommy can do to help you.

What do you think, son? What can mommy do to help you warm up? I wonder if you are cold…. down here…. oh, my poor boy, “he” is cold too. Well… I do know what I can do to help you out. I can rub on… this… and make it so warm with my hand.

See? All warmed up… and quite hard too. You know sweetie… mommy’s actually quite cold too. I think I could use a little warming up and I know a special place inside of mommy that’s very very warm. Do you want to find out where it is?

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