JOI Labor & Delivery

Hey babe. Look at me, I’m all dressed up in sexy lingerie and I was so ready for our “sexy” night tonight but… well, I just can’t have sex with you tonight. I’ve been having contractions all day… I thought maybe they would go away but they have just been getting stronger, longer and closer together. I am definitely in labor babe and ouch… here comes another contraction!

Ohhhh there is sooo much pressure…. oh my, babe!! Do you have a hard on right now? Look at that raging boner in your pants! Are you getting turned on from my contractions?! Oh you definitely are!! I have to get to the hospital soon and we can’t go in there with you all horny like this! Since you are obviously super turned on from my contracting belly you are going to have to stroke for me babe. We have to milk your cock before we can leave so there isn’t any unexpected…. boners…. at the hospital!

That’s right babe, stroke so good for my contracting belly. Make that cock feel good while I breathe through these intense contractions. Ohhhhhh babe I feel a lot of pressure now… oh no! I think it’s time to push! Hurry babe, you have to cum really quick or…. oh no, I don’t think we are making it to the hospital. I think it’s time to deliver this baby! Hurry and cum so you can catch it babe, there isn’t time to leave, this baby is coming quick!

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