I’m back!

Wow it’s been a hell of a month. There is a nasty stomach bug floating around the area and one of the kids brought it home so it has been cycling between the 5 of us for the past 2 weeks. I think I am the last one to have it and I feel pretty good today so hopefully that means it is gone!! I am SO done being sick and trying to take care of everything around here, no fun!

Sooooo…. we have finally put a solid plan in place to get the hell of out of Texas. I really do not like living here and it is just way to conservative for myself and my family so we are moving to the northwest! Within the next 40 months I plan to have a place purchased in either Oregon or Washington and be getting ready to move up there. I cannot wait to start the new chapter of my life where I need to be. I am ready to be out of the city and in the beautiful country with acres and acres of land so that my family can practice being self sufficient in life. I am so happy it will only take less than 4 years to do, too. It feels like it is an achievable goal.

In order to have enough money for everything I need to do I have to save a minimum of 4,000$ a month for the next 40 months but I am really shooting for 5,500$ just to have a little padding in the bank 😉 I will be perfectly content with anything between those amounts though. I am very confident that I can do this and I know you guys will be there to help me out too! Be sure to support me by buying my clips and memberships to my sites so that you can help me achieve my dreams!
Now that everything is settling back down into a somewhat normal state around here I am ready to start camming and updating my sites again. I will be updating my Southern Charms site anywhere from 2 -3 times per week and I still have another 6 months of pregnancy updates to post on there. That will be the last place that my pregnancy content is available from both of my last pregnancies. I have removed it everywhere from everywhere else on the web so it will be exclusive to AmateurKristi.com

Right now I am going to focus my efforts on my camming, booty shaking, and dominating weak losers like the Princess I am. Those are my passions and I just don’t have time for anything else. I am also reaching out and exploring lots of new fetishes because I do enjoy fetishes very much. I am always open to trying out new fetishes as well so if you ever want to request anything just email me.

Anyways, that is about all I need to say right now. I will be on cam tomorrow night around 8:30PM for about 3-4 hours so be sure to have that time available to come and play with me! It will be my first night on cam in about 6 months!3>

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