How You Hope You Future Will Be Like

Today’s blog topic is fun because I am always day dreaming about this. Sometime in the near future I will be moving out of Texas to a new beautiful forever home and I hope it is everything I have always pictured.

I want to wake up and get out of bed. I want to walk to my kitchen to get some coffee but I stop at the fireplace first and stoke the fire to warm up the house. I make my coffee and walk out on my huge porch and marvel at the elk standing in the snow behind my house. Later that day my family and I get on our 4 wheelers and go tear up the mud hole we built just for this purpose then we go sit next to the river and catch tonight’s dinner. That night after we pig out on fresh fish, we sit around the fireplace with the huge TV mounted above it and watch Netflix. Yup, that’s a day in my dream life! I’m a simple girl.

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