Homo Mantras

Hey homo! Still haven’t come out of the closet yet? Still too scared to live out your wildest dreams to be a huge cock whore and to take dick without shame? That’s ok… I know it’s hard to come out as a raging faggot. But atleast we can still fantasize about the day, right?

It will happen one day, you know it will. You can only suppress your primal homo cock loving urges for so long before you finally just explode and become the true cock slut you were meant to be.

But in the meantime while we are waiting, you still need lots of practice so when that day finally does happen, you will be ready to take cock like a pro! Today, you are going to touch your homo dick while repeating some faggot mantras for me.

You will also get a visualize demonstration of exactly what will be happening to your tight asshole the day you finally decide to stop giving a fuck and start taking the cock you’ve been craving for years. Now, get ready to repeat your mantras while watching your future asshole get pounded by a huge rock hard cock!

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