Home Wrecking JOI in My Shiny Blue Dress

So you’re still sticking your dick in your gross wife? Geez pet… I thought you had more self control… more dignity… more class! Eh, it figures. Once your cock gets hard you just don’t have the will to keep it to yourself and since your wife is the nearest available hole you just can’t resist.That’s ok… I figured you were going to fuck up again but we will fix that. Whip out your dick and get ready to stroke and deliver me a huge load of cum… you are going to learn that every drop of your cum belongs to me… for now and forever.

Runtime: 11 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Bratty goddess Kristi teases you for being weak and fucking your fat pig of a wife. She instructs you to stroke your cock while reprogramming your mind to only orgasm for Princess Kristi for now on. No more fucking your wife, pet!

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