Giving Your Aunt a Foot Massage Turned into the Best Fuck of Your Life!

Whew that was such a long day of cleaning! Thank you so much for helping me, nephew. I’m so glad you were here, it would have taken me all week to get this place cleaned up! Oh but my poor feet are so tired and aching… I could really use a foot massage… Nephew, do you think you could give your sweet Auntie a good foot massage? You will?? Oh thank you! Here, start with this foot first. Mmmmm yes, that’s good. Let’s switch to the other foot now…. Hey! Did you just put my foot on your…. erection?! You did! You totally have an erection right now… is this what you like? You like feet…. your aunt’s feet? Well, I guess it isn’t such a big deal… go ahead and keep rubbing my feet, your fingers are magical! Mmmm yes…. oh my god, are you licking my foot now? Ummm… I don’t know if…. oh wow, that feels incredible! I never thought a tongue on my feet could feel so good! Oh nephew… you made me feel so amazing today, I really want to return the favor. Auntie wants to make you feel amazing too. Here, just lay back and let me work my magical feet on your cock. Oh yes baby, you love that, don’t you? Auntie is going to make you cum on her feet then you can make your horny Aunt cum with your cock! Let’s not tell your mother about this though… and maybe she will drop you off again to help me with…. some cleaning…. next week!

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