Giantess Mother-In-Law

Kristi’s sweet son married a woman that Kristi never really cared for. She has never actually voiced her opinion before but she secretly hopes that they will break up. One day, Kristi comes home from shopping and to her surprise, she sees a tiny little person lying on the ottoman.

She bends down for a better inspection of the tiny person and she couldn’t believe who it was lying there… it was Tiffany! Her son’s horrible wife! It doesn’t take Kristi long at all to realize that this is the perfect opportunity to get exactly what she’s been wanting… Tiffany gone forever!

She grabs the tiny woman and immediately starts belittling her… she taunts her with her giantess size and describes to her exactly how she has felt this whole time. Kristi leaves to put on something a little more comfortable and when she returns, she grabs the tiny woman and takes her to bed.

From there, things only got worse for Tiffany. Kristi makes her lick her nipples while describing all of the horrible ways she has destroyed tiny shrunken people before. Then she sticks the shrunken woman on her asshole and makes her lick it. As the ultimate humiliation for Tiffany, Kristi farts in the tiny little woman’s face.

She continues to use the tiny woman as her personal sex toy. Kristi makes her lick her clit and asshole until she has a huge giantess orgasm. At that time, the little woman learns her real fate. She will be trapped in Kristi’s giantess panties for the rest of her life… turned into nothing more than a tiny shrunken ass slave for a sexy giantess.

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