Giantess Kristi Eats the Anti Vore Police

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!As you have been eating so many little people recently, they have sent an anti-vore policeman to question you! (plain clothes detective, so you don’t need to find a tiny figure in police uniform …). He presents you with his warrant card. You find this really funny, laughing and asking how he’s going to stop you eating people if he’s inside your digestive system. Yes, you’re going to eat him, and make a viedo diary of the entire process then send it to the chief of the anti-vore police. Hey, you say, don’t look so sad, you can patrol my belly for a bit and make sure there isn’t any crime going on down there.
You taunt the police, asking if their top detective is about to be your dinner. Then you open wide and pop the cop in your mouth, sloshing him around a bit to get him ready. You open your mouth to give a final glance of him, then swallow. Patting your belly, you burp happily.
The next sequence is a few hours later, with you giving a sitrep for the police HQ – lifting up your top so we can see if he’s made your naked belly bulge at all. Yes, he’s digesting really well, you say, and you swallow another little guy just to show the vore police can’t stop you.
Later that day you provide another update. Bending over, you slide your pants down with your back to the camera, saying that the vore policeman needs to make a final report – and you deliver a bare-ass fart! It’s Kristi 1, Vore Police nil!

Runtime: 5 minutes.

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