Getting Off on Your Forced Tickle Torture

Hello pet, I’m SO glad you are awake now. If you look around you’ll see that your wrists and ankles are bound to an x-frame and there is no possible way to escape. I brought you here for my own sick pleasures and you will never be release. Scream and shout all you want but no one will hear you…. no one but me… and I GET OFF on hearing your cries and see you struggle. We are going to have a lot of fun tonight… and every night after this. I hope you are ready for some…. tickle torture! I love tickling you until you cannot possible take anymore… it makes my pussy incredibly wet and the more and more you struggle, the closer and closer I get to getting off on your distress. Don’t worry dear, I’ll make this feel good for you too. I’ll give your cock a few rubs here and there between the tickle torturing but you’ll soon see that tonight is all about ME!

Runtime: 17 minutes.

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